Holy Shit Look At All This Fruit



Holy shit fuck yes. Oranges are the shit, man. Easily the best fruit I can name. Even the best out of the inherently superior citrus family. 10/10, can't be argued with. I have an orange tree in my yard. I'd eat oranges ALL THE TIME if i had slippers.


Kiwis are alright. 8/10 fruit. I used to really like eating them with the skin and all but then i abruptly developed sixteen sensory disorders at once, so now I can't do that. Still, pretty interesting fruit. Better than the fucking bird anyway.


Absolutely disgusting. I would never eat a papaya. 0/10. Also it sounds like Kanaya, and one time drunk Rose called her that. Kanaya is not a good character, so that doesn't help this shitty fruit.


Plums can be either really really good or just kind of shitty. That's kind of it i guess. 4-10/10


Okay so first of all, this fruit isn't real. It loses points for that. Based on the in-game descriptions of it, however, I think I'm kind of grateful. It sounds messy and gross and has way too many conflicting flavors. 0/10