Holy Shit Look At All This Fruit

  1. Are they impressively intelligent/knowledgeable?
    1. But only on the subjects that personally interest them?
    2. At the same time, remarkably uninformed on other subjects most people deem common or crucial knowledge?
  2. Do they get uncharacteristically excited when engaging in or discussing their work/passion projects?
  3. Do they play an instrument or are they otherwise musically inclined?
  4. Can they hold their own in a fight?
  5. Are they interested in science, chemistry, botany, or the like?
  6. Are they completely disinterested in politics and popular media?
  7. Are they skilled in disguise or acting?
  8. Could they be described as "neat" and "orderly"?

  9. Personality
  10. Are they more detail oriented than big picture when it comes to their work?
  11. Are they relentlessly overdramatic? Kind of a showoff?
  12. Are they polite and courteous to most people?
    1. Are they more likely to be passive aggressive with someone they dislike than to outright insult them?
  13. Are they easily flattered by compliments to their intelligence? Dismissive of compliments to appearance or character?
  14. Do they believe or claim to believe that feelings are inferior to logic? Bonus points if they have ever used the word "sentiment".
  15. Do they claim not to have feelings themself?
  16. Are they *actually* cold-hearted and lacking compassion?
  17. Are they easily bored?
  18. Are they prone to self destruction when lacking stimulation?
  19. Have they had problems with drugs or other addictions?
    1. Do they claim these habits are actually helpful to them?
    2. Do they supposedly "help them work better"?

  20. Social Circle
  21. Do they try to hide the parts of them that society scorns?
    1. No. If society doesn't like them it can get bent.
    2. Yes, but only out of necessity.
    3. They fit in fine without changing themself.
  22. Could they accurately be described as an "absolute nightmare"?
  23. Do they have a lot of close friends?
  24. Do they scorn or shy away from romance, particularly with the opposite sex?
  25. Do they have one friend, partner, or lover who acts as their foil and shares a significant amount of their screentime?
    1. Are they opposites in ways that support and encourage growth in one another?
    2. Would either of them kill/die for one another?
    3. Is the partner a doctor or similar profession? A former soldier?

  26. Occupation/Role
  27. Are they a detective?
    1. An official police detective?
    2. If not, are they still in an occupation where solving problems and finding information is crucial?
    3. A scientist? (or, in a fantasy setting, the magical equivalent)?
  28. Do they ignore cases or problems that they find boring? Even though it's their job/responsibility to work on them?
  29. Do they tend towards unorthodox methods to find answers or solve the problems that come up in their work?
    1. Are these methods sometimes illegal or otherwise against "the rules"?
    2. Do they take notice of/elicit aid from people that typically go ignored or avoided?
  30. Are they in the habit of extensively explaining their reasoning and how they achieved certain things or came to a conclusion?
  31. Have they ever deduced someone's profession from their shoes, clothes, or personal appearance?

Your Holmes's score is: 

What does your score mean?

0-74 points:
I'm sorry, this is in all likeliness not a Holmes. Or, if it is one, it's written by someone who seriously does not understand the point of Sherlock Holmes.

75-99 points:
It's possible that your character is a Holmes Archetype. They're in a decent enough grey area that it kind of depends on author intent. There certainly are some similarities, but there's also quite a few things that are still missing.

100-194 points:
Yeah, I think it's pretty safe to say you've got a Holmes on your hands. Congrats! Please be gentle with them. They have some problems.

195-299 points:
This is so completely a Holmes that I'd wager they're more "adaptation" than "archetype". The inspiration is pretty heavy, and they're near-perfect in their imitation.

300+ points:
This is literally canonical Sherlock Holmes. Are you using this litmus test on the actual Sherlock Holmes? If you're not, then damn, email me whoever the fuck this character is because I genuinely have to know.