Holy Shit Look At All This Fruit


Juice okay haha it's not actually about juice guys


I mean I was gonna talk a little about juice. I might as well. But then I saw this picture. Holy shit. There are so many good kinds of juice and they picked the worst five imaginable? Haha holy shit.


Don't get me wrong; like every other kind of orange, fresh-squeezed orange juice is fucking phenomenal. But you can't buy fresh squeezed orange juice. The gross shit you get in cartons--that fucking trash water doesn't deserve any of my time. And apple juice, god. How can you like that shit? It tastes like literal vomit with sugar mixed in. Ughhhh. And the rest... Carrot juice? Tomato juice? What the fuck???? I guess pineapple is okay.


Anyway what this page is really about is the future of my website. Obviously the fruit gimmick isn't staying. This is all gonna be replaced with a hub for my projects, Lines taking central stage. It would be stupid, expensive, and pointless to try and get individual domain names for all of the shit I do. Registering under HeeCawRoo just seems the most appropriate. And, let's be honest. That name? The only fucking clever or original thing I've ever done. It's literally fucking unique. I have never in twenty years seen someone do something similar. Most people don't even know what the fuck it means, but it fucking works. It's my fucking brand. I'm gonna be HeeCawRoo forever.


So I'll have Lines and any other comics I end up publishing up here, along with my games and any written work I think is up to professional standards. (Standards? I have fuckin standards? This is news to me, I gotta say.)


Lines is still my top priority, but if i doesn't get the traction I need after chapter 3 I'll probably phase it out, cut up the story, update less often, and put my focus in another project. I've made some pretty significant mistakes with Lines, and though it's taught me a lot and I'm glad there's a couple people who really seem to care about it, anything I've done right I can just do again. Lines is important to me and I won't be letting it die, but it's not what I should be focusing on. I'm not even sure if I like comics.